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Oak Ridge Cemeteries

The United States Government bought the land for the Manhattan Project in Anderson and Roane Counties in Tennessee during the 1940’s. On this land there were many small cemeteries from family farms and churches. The Department of Energy and the City of Oak Ridge still maintain many of these cemeteries. Some of the cemeteries are on private property and still exist, while others may have disappeared completely.

Some of the information was taken from Inscriptions from Old Cemeteries on the Oak Ridge (Manhattan Project) Area by Marjorie Parsly and Margaret Terrell, with the permission of the Parsly family and Ms. Terrell. The GPS coordinates and photos were furnished as part of an Eagle Scout project in 2008 by Hunter Ripley.

The individual cemetery pages contain the following information (if available):
Cemetery location and directions
Approximate number of interments
Burial records