The Program
On November 4, 2011, by Resolutions 11-109-11 and 11-110-11, City Council approved the Not in Our City conceptual plan consisting of the following eight initiatives:

  1. Partnership with the Neighborhood Watch Program to proactively prevent crime.
  2. Implementation of the Cleanup Container Program to proactively clean up neighborhoods.
  3. Establish/publish a list of the Top Five Blighted Properties and Top Five Most Improved Properties monthly 
  4. Propose code amendments regarding parking and environmental concerns as part of the Policies & Ordinances Program.
  5. Restructure the department to concentrate on housing initiatives as part of the Community Development Housing Initiative.
  6. Establish an Administrative Hearing Officer position to hear building and property maintenance code violations.
  7. Establish a Land Bank Program to reclaim unused, vacant, and/or undesirable land for potential housing opportunities or public use.
  8.  The Residential Properties Utility Program to establish firmer guidelines for properties upon a change in ownership or occupancy requiring minimum standards prior to establishment of a utility account.
Initiative #1 (Neighborhood Watch): Neighborhood Watch is a group of residents or individuals living in the same area who want to make their neighborhood safer by working together and working with the Oak Ridge Police Department to reduce crime, raise awareness, and improve their quality of life. For more information on the City's Neighborhood Watch program, click here.

Initiative #2 (Container Program). The Public Works Department is pleased to announce the new NIOC Cleanup Container Program. Groups and organizations interested in neighborhood cleanups can reserve a 30 cubic yard cleanup container to dispose of many unwanted materials free of charge. Click here for more information.

Initiative #3 (Top Five List). The Community Development Department is developing a list of the top five most improved and top five most blighted properties.  Once that information is developed, a link will be posted to view that information.  

Initiative #4 (Ordinances and Policies Program). On March 26, 2012, City Council passed two ordinances pertaining to parking, both on-street (Ordinance 01-2012) and off-street (Ordinance 02-2012).  An additional ordinance to clarify on-street parking requirements contained in the City Code was adopted on April 9, 2012 (Ordinance 03-2012).  Click here to view those ordinances.  Click here for a slideshow on the on-street parking clarifications. Click here for a presentation on all of the parking ordinances adopted so far as part of the program.  For a chart of on-street parking provisions (not just the ones recently adopted), click here.

Initiative #5 (Housing Initiative).  The Community Development Department is in the process of restructuring and has recently hired a new Remediation Specialist who will work closely on housing initiatives.

Initiative #6 (Administrative Hearing Officer). The City will be working on establishing an Administrative Hearing Officer position in the near future.  Check back periodically for details.

Initiative #7 (Land Bank). Establishment of a Land Bank Program to
reclaim unused, vacant, and/or undesirable land for potential housing opportunities or public use requires State legislation.  In 2012, Public Chapter 1096 was enacted creating the Tennessee Local Land Bank Pilot Program.  The City of Oak Ridge is eligible to participate in this program. Click here to view the public chapter..

Initiative #8 (Residential Utilities Program).  The Residential Properties Utility Program is in the research and development phase.  More details will be posted when the program is drafted.